Archery Pro Shop

We are a full Service Archery Shop in addition to being Northern Michigan’s #1 indoor archery range. Our techs all have years of experience repairing bows, adjusting their draw length, and even restoring damaged bows to useful condition. We also carry a complete line of crossbows, which our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the use of if you don’t have experience with the “Horizontal Bow” yet. Come in today to get a bow or crossbow tuned up, sighted-in, and ready for this year’s bow season.

Archery Tune Up Packages

Bronze Tune Up


Check center-shot, adjust peep sight, check and change draw weight. Inspect strings and cables, wax entire System.

Silver Tune Up


All Bronze Items + Replace center serving, replace D loop, remove > inspect > lube Axles, Repair any damaged serving on string and cables, and balance cable yokes

Gold Tune Up


All Bronze and Silver + Paper tune and adjust for correct arrow flight, and sight in assistance at 20 yds (1/2 Hour).

Platinum Tune Up


All Bronze, Silver, and Gold + Grpup Tune 6 out of our Hooter Shooter to give you the best set of arrows to hunt or practice with.