Ready to Hunt, PSE Stinger X




The PSE Stinger series has long been the workhorse of the bow hunter on a budget, and the Stinger X package doesn’t disappoint. Featuring PSEs patented X-Teck Limbs and the extremely adjustable SX cam, the Stinger is compatible with shooters of all sizes and can easily be adjusted as a new hunter grows.

This bow is often the platform used by young bowhunters so the can take those first shots with a bow with great reliability paired with light weight and a smooth shot.

For those who are looking to start bowhunting and don’t have a lot of experience with modern compound bows, the X offers easy adjustability for both draw length and weight. And all this is available at an incredibly affordable price.

Draw weight is adjustable from 32 – 70 Lbs. and Draw length from 21 to 30 inches.

The Package includes:

  • Whisker Biscuit
  • Gemini 3 pin sight
  • Hunter 5 Arrow Quiver
  • Peep sight
  • D-Loop
  • Flex-Tec Stabilizer