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Since 2009  ALL Michigan residents can chose to hunt during bow season with a crossbow instead of a traditional or compound bow. This means that even if there’s no medical concerns you can use it as you like. Hunting Michigan woods with a crossbow opens up all sorts of new hunting styles, much more like during firearm season. If you haven’t had any experience with crossbows our expert staff can help you find the right setup, and accessories to make your hunt even more exciting.

Make it Yours

Browse through our huge selection of crossbow sights, bolts, and more to find everything you’ll need to get on target faster and easier than ever. Once you find the items you’d like to add on to your crossbow we can help you zero it and set everything up initially (this service is free for all crossbows bought at shooters).

Try Out Your Crossbow

Take your newly zeroed bow into our indoor 3-d range and get comfortable taking those long accurate shots that crossbows are known for, and get acquainted with cocking and unloading your new bow.

And Remember, if you get the itch to practice in the winter our Archery range is always nice and comfortable year round.

Crossbow Services



A complete sight in and setup is included in the price of your purchase when you buy a bow at Shooters, but we also offer this as a separate service.

Replace String


+ Cost of strings, We carry many options compatible with all major brands, Pricing on String Varies

Replace Cables


Cables NOT Included

Set Cam Timing


Complete Inspection


Clean and Lube Axles,Bearings, Cams. Inspect Strings and cables.

Replace Main Serving


Install Optic or Optic Mount


Sight in with Field Tips


Install Optic and Sight In (20yrds)


Replace Cam Set


Part Cost NOT Included

Replace Limb Set


Part Cost NOT Included