Caldwell ChairPod

The Caldwell ChairPod, an easy solution to your shooting stability needs.

The DeadShot ChairPod by Caldwell is based on the popular FieldPod design and provides shooters portable benchrest accuracy.  The ChairPod eliminates the need to take both a chair and shooting rest separately with you to the field or range and simply combines the two.  With a heavy duty chair and swing arm assembly to support your weapon.  This stable support system will distribute the weight of the weapon evenly and leave your hands free to use binoculars, calls, or keep them in warm in your pockets.


The multi-bearing swing arm system provides smooth movement to extreme angles left and right with the chair having the ability to swivel 360 degrees allowing shooters a full range of shot possibilities. Rubber overmolded front and rear forks on the upper rest portion will adjust in length to accommodate any firearm or crossbow.   If you are a hunter who prefers to hunt from the ground or you just need a stable way to sight in your weapon, the DeadShot FieldPod will allow you to achieve accuracy in a variety of situations.

The Caldwell ChairPod is an excellent design, however it does have its drawbacks. Shooters who intend to use this rest for extreme (500 Yds +) long distance shooting may notice some increase in cross hair movement due to minor flexing of the rifle rest itself. Also heavier rifles can cause some minor flexing leading some to opt for the more robust FieldPod Magnum. But with its built in straps for back pack-like carry, and its excellent portability, the ChairPod offers good stability in an affordable and easy to use package.

So stop into Shooters and have a seat, and for 199.99 take the seat home with you. You won’t be disappointed.