My Bow Buddy, Double Drop Tine, and Hang On

My bow Buddy was developed in Michigan, and is still produced here. Based in St. Helen, they had the idea to make a bow stand that is designed simply, and with lifetime durability. They started making bow stands in 2011 and have introduced a new product every year since. The two products featured here allow a hunter in a tree stand to attach the Hang-On or Double Drop Tine and securely hold their bow within easy arm’s reach.

The new Hang On Buddy bow stand is ideal for holding Compound bows and Crossbows while hunting on stand.  Made of solid steel and comes with a quick attach/detach turn knob for easy installation without using tools.  The Hang On bow stand keeps your bow close at hand and secure from falling off your tree stand.  Made of solid steel with vinyl grips to protect your equipment.

The Double Drop Tine mounts directly to any  tree stand or ladder stand using a two way adjustable bracket. Includes two quick attach/detach turn knobs making mounting the bow stand very easy and without tools. The Bow Buddy Crossbow rack bow stand makes tree stand hunting with a Crossbow easy.