Stryker Katana Crossbow



The newest flagship Crossbow from the people at Bowtech and Stryker. The Katana is lighting fast option with an advertised speed of 385 FPS and is currently being offered in a package with the Black Eagle Accustrike Light bolts and an illuminated, drop compensated scope within-reticle stadia lines out to 60 yards for those long shots. Another unusual feature offered by the Katana is the ability to decock the bow without discharging a bolt. A very convenient thing once you prep to get out of the stand at dark. In addition this bow is also compatible with many crank systems for cocking. The bow is available in two color options both black and Mossy Oak.

Accuracy with the Katana is nearly a forgone conclusion with lethal precision available out to its maximum range. The trigger on the bow has an excellent feel with a breakpoint in the 2.5 to 3 pound range.

This package, complete and ready to hunt is an excellent option for those who demand high quality components paired with extreme performance. The Stryker Katana is easy to carry and extremely smooth shooting. The bow also features a skeletonized rail and soft rubber inserts in both the fore-end and pistol grip. And due to its high efficiency cams and limbs, is whisper quiet during firing, delivering your arrow to the kill zone in near silence.

Package includes

– Four Accustrike Light Carbon Arrows w/ 100 Grain Field Points

– Ambidextrous Cheekpiece

– 4-Arrow Quiver and Quiver Bracket

– Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope with Rings

– Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System

– C2 Crank cocking aid