Rent a Gun with Us

So, You’re interested in a gun you’ve only read about online, or you’re looking to try a new caliber we can help you. If you have questions or need tips for using a particular firearm our friendly staff will guide you through it’s operation and use.

When renting a gun from us you will be required to sign additional disclosures and to only use house provided ammo due to possible damage to yourself / the firearm from improperly loaded ammo or poor handling procedures.

All of our rental guns are maintained by an experienced armorer that ensures every time we hand you a gun to use, it will be as good as new. Come on in and check it out for yourself, or check out our available rental list below.

Gun Rental Rates



1/2 Hour, Does Not Include Ammo



1/2 Hour, Does Not Include Ammo

Try Before you Buy


$10 for 10 Rounds - ANY FIREARM

Featured Rental Guns

Zev Glock 17

Ruger 10/22

Full Rental List

  • Sig P226
  • Arsenal AK-74 (.223)
  • Etc….. Etc……