ZEV Technologies Glock in 9mm

This Glock is AMAZING

We’ve heard that more than a few times, as both new shooters and regular shooter have been loving this ZEV. ┬áBased on a standard Glock 17 Zev makes every complaint anyone’s had about a glock disappear. Almost nothing is left untouched by this revamp, from the custom machined slide and Match Grade Barrel to the custom trigger and stippling job on this pistol. That attention to detail and quality is what makes these customs so sought after, and unfortuneately ….. expensive, with the average ZEV selling for 2000+ dollars it’s not a small sum of money to spend on a 9mm sidearm, that’s where we come in.

Shooters is one of the few ranges in the country with a ZEV available for rent, and even better it shoots affordable 9mm ammunition, so if you need to grab a few extra boxes while you’re having fun in the range it won’t cost you tons of money. Even relatively new handgunners have used this pistol to shoot groups most professionals would be proud of, the extra light and crisp trigger will almost make you forget you’re shooting a glock as the break and reset are as crisp as any top tier 1911.

So, What are you waiting for, come on in and Try out the “Perfect” Glock