We're A Gun Shop Too ...

Yes, We Sell Guns

One thing we hear all the time from customers is that they never knew we sold guns at shooters, everyone knows we’re the best range around but no one seemed to know that we are a fully stocked federal firearms dealer (FFL) and that we carry a full selection of gun accessories and everything else you’d want to go with your gun.

Try Before You Buy

One truly unique thing about us is that when you find a pistol or rifle you’d like to buy, we offer a 10 / 10 deal that lets you take the gun you’ll be buying to the range and actually try it out. Reading online and advice only go so far. By trying the gun out here at our indoor range you can feel for yourself if it is the right firearm for you.

Guns for any Shooter

While many shops specialize in just one type of gun, our staff ranges from Ex-Military armorers to Civilian CPL trainers so we can answer your questions about the gun you’re interested in whether it’s a hunting rifle, a personal defense carry pistol, or an AR-15 or AK.

Not just Guns

Like any good gun store we also carry a wide range of Ammunition, Holsters, Cases, Magazines, and cleaning supplies to make sure that buying a gun from shooters gives you a complete package suited to fit your exact needs.