Remington R51

The newest offering from the folks at Freedom Group, a compact and slim reintroduction of a pistol originally produced in 1918. This pistol, unlike its modern counterparts, operates on a  true locking breech system which offers some strength benefits over the more common tilting barrel or blowback operated handguns. However the really interesting part of this pistol is the reason why it was  produced in the first place.

  When Remington changed hands in the form of a buyout by Freedom Group there was questions about their dedication to the quality of the brand  that had been in existence since 1816. The first run of the Remington R51 in 9mm was a dismal failure, so bad in fact that for the first time in company history they issued a 100 percent recall in the form of trades for the R1 (1911) or to offer another R51 once they went back to the drawing board. And now that time has arrived, R51’s are popping up on dealer shelves again for another attempt at reviving customer support.

However, just because the first run nose dived doesn’t necessarily mean the pistol is useless.

During our testing we noticed that the pistol is very accurate for a small concealable package due largely to its all metal construction and fully locking breach. Recoil is also manageable  due to the higher weight of the full metal frame. The pistol points very naturally and is easy to get on target even after accelerated shooting.

Overall it’s a concealable, accurate pistol with a past steeped in history. Whether this one lives up to its ancestors memory is for you to decide. Come down and shoot one, The R51 is the newest addition to our rental list.