Shooters Outfitters, Located in Traverse City, Michigan.
"Your Outdoor Retailer & Indoor Shooting Range"

Are you looking For Activities in Traverse City, Michigan?
Shooters Range Offers an 8-Lane Indoor Firearm Range. 

This site aims to inform our customers of the broad spectrum of products and services Shooters Outfitters, and Shooters Indoor Range has to offer, both women and men. 

A multitude of Quality Outdoor Products is Located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Specialize in Hunting and Fishing Supplies, Tackle, Affordable Equipment, Accessories, Boots, and Shoes, with a Full-Services Pro-Shop.

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Looking For Something To Do In Traverse City, Michigan?

Stop into Shooters Range, try something new, or get some practice in.  Shooting Range Offers Something for Newbies and the Trained! 

Shooters Outfitters Is Your One-Stop Shop in Traverse City For Hunting & Fishing! 
Traverse City, Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL)


Shooters Outfitters of Traverse City, Michigan, Provides Outdoor Enthusiasts with a Premium and Large Selection of Hunting and Fishing Equipment, Products, and Accessories.

Shooters Outfitters is more than an Outdoor Sporting Goods Retailer Near Me; Shooters is Your Local Small Business Who Offers #Getoutside #BassNation #SitkaGear

Shooters Outfitters is proud to offer our customers the experience to actively get out and do what they love. 

At Shooters, you get to practice your shooting skills and have fun!  #ShootStraight 

Shooters Outfitters is known for its specialized craft in equipment repair and adjustment service in firearms and archery equipment.

Archery Pro & Service Shop

We do all things Archery, Just Ask!  

Indoor Firearms Range

8 lane, 25 yard long 

Firearms Pro Service & Repair Shop

Shooters Range offers various gunsmith and firearm services and repairs; just ask!

Archery Equipment Setup, Sight, & Service included with Your Purchase. Also service Archery repairs. 

The Perks ✔ of Buying 🎁 Your Equipment at 👍 Shooters!  

Try B4 Buy 

Shooters offers a "Try before You Buy Program" that includes your chose of a rented firearm, 10 rounds of ammo and a shooting lane with a target for only $20.

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"Not Your Ordinary Range!"


Indoor Range
Firearm | Riffle 

Shooters Range offers gun rentals at an hourly rate plus the cost of ammunition.
Using state-of-the-art equipment, our facility allows you to shoot safely.  We have ranges that offer electronic send and retrieve of your target and keep you well-illuminated with LED lighting.  In addition, we have the best ventilation system keeping the environment safe. 

We have a large firearm rental selection, such as a revolver or a pistol. 

Choose the right equipment with our Unmatched “Try Before You Buy Program.”

Practice your bow skills and shoot indoors in our long-range indoor shooting range. 

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Training Courses
Pistol, Rifle, Conceal Carry, 1.1

We provide in-depth training in multiple disciplines, from beginner to advanced levels of shooting. 

We also offer 1.1 Course Instruction and Training and small groups.

Beginners Courses will walk you through all aspects of your firearm, including safety first, shooting and taking it apart, cleaning it, and storage. 

Maybe you are already comfortable with the basics; then you must try out Intermediate Courses that challenge you physically and mentally.

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Also, feel free to stop in and ask to speak with Bill, the Best Manager Ever! Or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

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Engaging, Safe, Competitive, and Fun 
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Have You Always Wanted To Try Shooting a Firearm But Don't Have One? 

No Problem! We have a rental Program that you can use when you come in! No need to call ahead; stop on in! 

More About Rentals

We all have started at this point! If this is your situation, awesome because you came to the right place!

Shooters Range Rentals!
We have rentals of all types and in many sizes.
We highly recommend you try our rental program before purchasing a firearm! 

This way, you can see what shooting a firearm is all about!
We offer multiple time slots and one and two-person lanes that accommodate your preferences!

So, if you don't have a firearm, that's completely normal and certainly okay! 

Check out what shooting a Firearm is all about at Shooters Range!
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Rental Program Cost 

The rental program's cost will vary depending on the amount of time you would like to spend in the range.

Shooters Ranges offers 30 minutes and 60-minute rental times.

When Renting a Firearm, you must also purchase the proper ammunition and footwear.

You are provided with safety glasses and earplugs!

We have ammunition, safety glasses, and noise eliminators onsite if you don't have those! 

We have a general target, or you can purchase some unique marks.


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