Traverse City Michigan's Only Indoor Archery & Firearms Range!
Offering a 10 yard tryout/sight in bow range! As well an interactive TechnoHunt Gamification!

Shooters Outfitters is a (FFL) Federal Firearms Dealer.
Shooters Outfitters is Located In Traverse City, Michigan!

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Our range is open year-round! We area open to the public SEVEN days a week. The Range is open on a first come first serve! We do NOT take reservations, and it is open to the public.

The range offers an 8 lane, indoor, firearms shooting experience, with single and double lane options. Our range offers 25-yard lanes that are retractable.

We have a system designed to keep any heavy metal particles or possible toxic fumes from harming your lungs while shooting with our highly efficient filtration system. We welcome rifles at the range, as well as pistols, but if you’d like to use a shotgun, please speak with the range attendant before doing so, as birdshot can actually harm our robotic target control systems.

YOUTH HUNTERS!!! We encourage youth hunters (minimum age of 11) to participate while being accompanied by their adult.

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